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Happy Customers

We replaced our traditional water heater with a tankless, which we were a little apprehensive about. We set an appointment with Steve on a Saturday morning to do a quote at 9am...he called me at 8:30 to let me know he'd be there at 8:45...I was impressed. He met with us (mostly my wife), and not only answered all of our questions, he educated us about the benefits and drawbacks of the tankless system, there was no sales pitch. He was open about the potential for extra noise, he taught us about the recirculating pump and what was required to set it up. He left us feeling much more knowledgeable and confident about the decision. The day of the install Steve called before he went to the supplier to confirm one last time which model we wanted, and to let me know what time he would be there. As he went through the install, he again educated us about the rats nest of pipes we had not only in our wall, but also on the back side of our house. We worked together to make decisions rather than him taking it upon himself and just telling us what he did. After he finished he walked us through how we can do the maintenance ourselves so we don't have to pay for it, and let us know he will come back to install the wifi component once we have our plumber install the recirculating pump and pipe. Finally, he had us run the hot water, then turn it off so we could hear how much noise the fan makes. Ours is installed high up in our garage, and there is almost no noise at all. Even without the recirculating pump we don't notice any extra delay in getting hot water upstairs from our old water heater. Sincerely couldn't have had a better experience. Brett B. (Yelp Elite 2022) Santa Clara, CA 3/27/2019

Had a great positive experience with Steve. Steve showed up and serviced our tankless water heater. He was professional and took the time to explain the issues. He fixed our burners quickly, allowing us to get hot water again. Michael K. San Mateo, CA 12/8/2019

Our 20 year old water heater started leaking late evening yesterday. Steve came on time, and since the heater is pretty old, he suggested to change it to the new bigger one at reasonable price. He worked neatly and fast, and within almost 2 hours we have the new water heater installed and warranted! I'll recommend this company to anyone who need services on their water heaters. Gulshan E. San Jose, CA 4/3/2018

Steve is very friendly and knowledgeable, got a replacement done within 1 hour, nice service! -- Highly recommend. Zhi Q. San Jose, CA 4/1/2019

Greatly appreciated how professional Steve was in removing our old leaky water heater from a very difficult, hillside location. The doorway was just one inch wider on each side than the water heater with trees nearby and the ground sloping. Yet, he and the crew planned in advance, brought in a ramp they built and got the old one out and the new one in quickly and with no fuss and no collateral damage! My neighbor's garden was untouched. Steve even held my 2 year old grandson while I climbed in to learn all about our new water heater. Thanks so much! Carolyn G. Berkeley, CA 11/18/2016

I have a recirculating pump that was need to replaced and called several places to fix it. Steve gave me a fair pricing and was able to come out the next day to replace it. The water heater works fine and I was able to have hot water right away. I wouldn't hesitate to give him a call next time when I have trouble with water heater. Huy N. San Jose, CA 5/18/2020

Prompt excellent service by friendly professionals! We have hardwood floors in our kitchen where our water heater began leaking in the pantry. Steve arrived on time, was very nice and professional. He explained all of the needed upgrades to plumbing required to bring a water heater to code and supplied us with a detailed estimate. He had a water heater onboard and was able to install right away :) We needed an outlet to the outside of our home, which he also accomplished that day. It looked really clean with all the strapping and plumbing that were done to code. We compared and felt we received a fair price. Kerstin C. Pacifica, CA 1/31/2018

Too bad there isn't a ten star option... Long story short. Little old lady turns on the shower on a Saturday morning. The nice hot shower was not to be. Fiddled with the pilot light on the archaic water heater. Whoosh!! Very promising sound. But after three more attempts to re-light the water heater and then doing a reality check (as in VERY OLD water heater), she very wisely decided to call in the pros. And this is where there story gets really, really good. This is one fairy tale that really and truly did come true, that did have a happy ending!! Steve arrived as promised, it was decided that a new water heater would make the perfect belated birthday present for the little old lady, and just like that, she couldn't write the check fast enough...or have a nice hot shower within the hour. Steve was wonderful. Knowledgeable. Clean. Efficient. Good sense of humor even. Doing battle with cranky water heaters has been known to make some people rather cranky (and I can certainly see why), but not Steve. Should I ever need work of this type done in the future, I wouldn't think of calling anyone else. Honor S. San Jose, CA 12/7/2016

Steve came to our house for a regular maintenance of our tankless water heater. He was friendly and professional. The process usually takes about 45 minutes, but he let the pump run extra 20 minutes because our water heater hadn't done the maintenance for a few years. Steve was also patient to answer my questions, and gave me tips on how to keep the water heater in good shape. Recommended.

This is our second time doing business with Steve. Our water heater started leaking this morning. Steve was able to come out within a couple of hours, helped us troubleshoot and replace the heater promptly. Friendly, professional throughout. Thank you again Steve! John H. Sunnyvale, CA 11/30/2018

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